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Account Payable (AP) provides tools you need to trade and control expendities. You can lose thousands of dollars a year through double payments and discounts lost because check arrive late. Account Information on money owed to creditors, due dates and available discounts is madly accesible at all times. On time payments to vendors will enhanceYour relationship with them and ensure uninterrupted suppliers and an excellent credit rating.

Account Receivable (AR) provides tools needed to handle everyday problems of tracking and collecting money owed by customers. Account Receivable includes the activities necessary to manage account receivable, customer remittances and customer credit. These activities are integrated into processes that help You improve cash flow, manage out standing receivables and evaluate credit tasks.

Cash & Bank Module Control Your Daily Operation. Such as Entry Voucher, Printing Voucher, Cash Balance, Post Dated Cheque and Daily Cash Flow. Direct Integration with AR, AP, & GL to reduce multiple entries and increase the efficiency in YourSystem. Cash Bank give You ability to control the flow of Your Cash & Bank Transaction. Such as Voucher Printing & Voucher Approval facilities. Cash Bank Module using the latest Indonesian Standard Accounting method such as Cash Flow with Direct Method

General Ledger (GL) categories and summarizes Your Accounting Information. Custom designed financial statement easy show the company's profit and lost (P/L) as well as it's assets, liabilities and equity position. With General Ledger Modul You can review various expense and income categories and compare them to budgets, prior periods, and last year's amounts. Using this information You can spot and reinforce income generating areas, eliminate waste locate areas. Which are over budget and implement actions for corrections,etc. General Ledger provides vital management information that can be used to increase the profits of your business.

Cost Control become General Ledger a powerfull financial control , all of operational cost can be controlled and monitoring with Cost Centre based ,Through Cost card or Mutation cost report , you will get the information detail about mutation of Company operational cost

Fixed Asset Help you to manage & control your assets such as calculation the depreciation of Asset with depreciation method like Straight Line,Double Declining,Declining (Tax ) and also provide calculation Tax depreciation,to Provide the Tax Depreciation Amount with calculation method like Straight Line,Double Declining,Declining (Tax)

Project Costing provides a completely integrated cost management solution for all projects and activities , Compare expenses to Project budgets sending early warning alerts should actual cost exceed your plans. Automates the billing process provided detailed cost information to monitor project performance in a format that optimizes their productivity

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