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One of the most difficult things to Control in Trading or Manufacturing Company is Inventory Control. This cause by several problems such as Number of Item, Item Type, Item Group and Variation of Transaction. With Inventory System Module ,You can handle almost all of these problems quick and easier.

Sales Order help you to Manage & Control your Order Processing, Form Order Entry, Order Validation, Order Confirmation up to Picking list Order Form. Efficient Product Lookup during Order Entry to sophiscated Pricing Method this module is essential to any Company that process Sales Order.

Sales Invoicing Helps You to Manage and Control Your Sales Administration Work, such as Delivery Order (D/O), Invoice(Business Invoice and Tax Invoice) and Give You an Accurate Information of Your Sales Analysis Status.

Purchase Order Helps You to Manage and Control Purchasing cycle from Purchase Requisition up to Purchase Order. With Purchasing Module, You can Control Your Purchase Budget by Division or to Manage Purchase Price Database by Supplier or by product.

Receiving Modules help You to Manage and Control Receiving Process. You can choose Your Receiving System between Received base on Supplier Invoice or Received base on Warehouse / Inventory Received.

Service Management System is a Special Design for Service Company such as Electronic & Computer Service Center, Air Condition Service Center, and Car Service Center (Bengkel). SG Control Modul from Front Office, Cashier, Operation, Inventory up to Finance & Accounting.

Serial Control is a part of Inventory control, This Module Supported to Tracking Bacthing system, monitoring flow of Receiving and Delivery Batch No of Items also help to tracking an expired valid date Of Batch No This module give you a powerfull control in the inventory system

Loading Management is a part of your Warehouse and Delivery activity , This Module help you to Integrated between Sales processing and Delivery processing, starting from Sales Order , and continues to delivery process until pick up the items in to the Transportation Node

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